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What can't you wash?
We CAN wash most passenger cars, vans, SUVs and trucks up to 88 inches tall. In our Wash Tunnel, we CANNOT wash trucks with dual wheels, trucks or vans with any exterior racks, cars, or trucks with wheels that exceed 12.5 inches wide.

Will my exterior mirrors be okay?
Yes. Factory installed exterior mirrors are completely safe as long as they are in proper working order and do not have any pre-existing damage
Be sure it's "brushless" -- Some older car washes still use abrasive brushes (instead of cloth), which can leave small scratches in a car's finish. On older cars with so-called "single stage" paint jobs, light scratches could usually be buffed out; but all modern cars use a "base/clear" system with a thin, transparent layer of clear coat on top of the underlying color coat to provide the shine. Once the thin clear coat is damaged, often the only way to restore the shine is to repaint the damaged area.

Will my custom wheels be okay?
General car wash is not responsible for damage caused to custom wheels or wheel covers. If you have any concerns about your wheels consult one of our managers prior to washing your vehicle. 

Is car washing safe for the environment?
Absolutely! At General Car Wash all of our soaps and waxes are biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly. In fact, it is much safer for the environment to wash your car at a professional car wash than in your driveway. Because we control the flow rate and the water pressure, we use far less water per car than washing at home. Our water is also sent directly to a water treatment plant, unlike washing in the driveway, where the waste water goes down the storm drain and can end up as run off in local rivers, lakes or streams.
Will my alloy wheels be okay?
Yes. Most manufacturers of factory-installed polished aluminum wheels recommend that you do not use cleaning solutions that contain any acids, which can stain them. General car wash does not use any acid or acid-based cleaning solutions on the wheels or any part of the car. 

Can you wash pickup trucks?
Yes, except we cannot wash any trucks with dual-wheel axles or with any external racks or hangers that can impede the wash process. Side step rails are usually okay, but are subject to inspection prior to entering our wash tunnel. This is for the safety of your vehicle and our equipment.
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